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Written By Johnoel Esmaquel, Founder & Director.

I'm your typical case of the kid who was "robbed" of his childhood dream of becoming an elite athlete.

As a kid, I played nearly every sport you could name. I was involved in multiple sports at a time and developed leadership at a young age, being trusted with captaincy for many of the teams I played in. I excelled at the fundamental skills of being an athlete and possessed a knack for the tactics of any game.

At the age of 14, I had to have surgery on a troublesome hip, which turned out to be worse than first thought. My growth plate was slipping and if I hadn't had the surgery, I could've been wheel-chair bound. However, the worst news came afterwards. My specialist told me I couldn't play sport for 4 years - essentially until my growth plates had closed. As you can imagine, this would have devastated any kid.

Naturally, I decided that if I couldn't become the elite athlete that I wanted to be, I wanted to help people achieve their sporting dreams and live vicariously through their journey.

Enter Physiotherapy.

One thing you might not know about the Physiotherapy profession is that many change professions in their first 2-7 yeas of practice. You can discuss and debate why this might be, but it's been something on my mind since finishing my Physiotherapy studies in 2013.

I've worked in Private Practice since I finished studying and in my first 3 years, I legitimately wasn't sure what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. All I knew was that I loved sport & training, and wanted to help people.

By the time I got to the end of my fourth year as a Physiotherapist, I discovered my passion in wanting to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance. I poured myself into the Strength & Conditioning field to learn more. I just felt I couldn't do the service justice within the business structures I'd experienced working for others. I looked far and wide, but I just couldn't find anywhere that aligned with my values and principles, and my version of what Physiotherapy should look like. As a result, I was on the verge of potentially changing careers. Despite this, I wanted to stay in the Private sector.

I decided to open up a business inside a room within a Strength & Conditioning facility to be able to do the things that I wanted to do, the way I thought they should be done. This worked well until I felt the need to expand my horizons and build a community of people who were there for more than just treatment. I wanted to build a community where we focused on overall health & well-being, at the same time creating a social space for people to feel comfortable.

This led to me opening up my own facility in Epping, Victoria. There have been many changes since we opened in November 2019 - along with COVID deciding to pop along for the ride too. Despite this, I've developed a team of champions who all share the principles and values that I uphold. Even with all the challenges we've had to endure along the way, I definitely wouldn't change anything. Lo and behold, I've past the 7 year hump and realistically, we're just getting started.


From this in 2017...

To This In 2021..



JoHNOEL Esmaquel

Director of Sports Rehabilitation & Athlete Development


  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Master of Physiotherapy Practice
  • ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning

Jon completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science before completing his Master of Physiotherapy Practice studies at La Trobe University in 2013.

In the first three years of clinical practice, he worked in the private sector, treating a range of patients including musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and neurological conditions.

He has experience dealing with patients of all ages, from those as young as 12 weeks old to aged-care residents ready to receive a letter from the Queen. Since opening up his own practice in 2017, he has been able to follow his special interest and passion in Sports Rehabilitation and Youth Athletic Development.

He has experience in dealing with a wide-array of patients with varying activity levels, from the weekend-warrior and/or occasional lawn mower, to the elite level athlete. He has been involved with the Hockey Victoria Team, being the head physiotherapist for the Under 21 Men’s Team who won the National Championship in 2016. He was the Physio for the WNPL South Melbourne Football Club Senior Squad in 2020 and has also been involved in the Melbourne City FC School Program for high-level teenage soccer athletes. 

Jon is currently the Head Physiotherapist for the the BIG V and VJBL Whittlesea Pacers Basketball squads.

Jon is also an athletic development coach. This means that he has the capacity to get an athlete from early-stage rehabilitation, all the way to return to sport and performance. You'll find that most of the people he works with are those who initially present with an injury and want to continue their athletic development journey post-injury, or those wanting to improve their athletic performance and reduce risk of injury/re-injury.

He has also competed in various tournaments himself for sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and powerlifting.

His goal with every client is to develop therapeutic alliance, in order to maximise the benefits you receive from his expertise. He is very strong in educating and guiding you through your health journey. Jon believes that progress starts with you and your story, giving you the tools you need to improve through knowledge, exercises, confidence and self-efficacy. 



Cooper Murray

Strength & Conditioning Coach


  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Bach of App Sci - Chiropractic (Undertaking)
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness

Cooper is a Chiropractor and has been in the world of strength and conditioning for the last 5 years. He is also the Head Trainer and Rehab Co-ordinator for the Preston Bullants in the VAFA.

Cooper’s passion for strength and conditioning started with a childhood filled with many sports in a small town that was halted by shoulder dislocations and eventual reconstruction. The rehabilitation process and shift to the weight room sparked a flame that has been growing ever since. Over time, his interests involved competing in physique shows and powerlifting meets.

Cooper’s motivation is to give clients the opportunity to perform at their best, whilst empowering and teaching them along the way. He also wants to share the enjoyment and love he has for the training process with all his clients, so that it continues well beyond the rehab process or the end of a sporting career.


Alberto Garcia

Strength & Conditioning Coach


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice)
  • Master of Physiotherapy (Undertaking)

He is a provisional Accredited Exercise Scientist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia. Alberto graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice) from Victoria University in 2020. Having now obtained his Bachelor, Alberto is looking to study a Masters of Physiotherapy.

Alberto is passionate about exercise, sport and health. He has played at competitive levels of basketball, including in the VJBL and BigV leagues, as well as other sports such as football and tennis. Throughout this experience, he has developed an interest and desire to help athletes to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Alberto strives to deliver targeted and evidence-based advice to his clients to help them improve their performance and achieve optimal results. He sees his role as being responsible for helping his clients achieve three goals: improving and maintaining athletic performance, reducing injuries and teaching lifelong fitness and movement skills. 

In his spare time, Alberto enjoys spending time with his family, training, playing basketball and having a hit on the golf course.



Practice Manager

Mady is our Practice Manager. She is Superwoman (Early Childhood Educator) by day & Superglue (@ The HQ) by night.

She enjoys reading, painting, watching Brooklyn 99 and lifting weights. Her dedication to training has seen her improve her performance and numbers in a short amount of time.